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emLinux Principal System Architect and Senior Software Engineer


  • Systems Architecture Specification & Design
  • Full Development Cycle Project Management
  • Product Requirements Definition
  • Product Development & Test
  • Product Analysis and Recommendation
  • Team Building, Leadership & Mentoring
  • Working & Coordinating with Internationally Diverse Teams
  • Standards representation
  • International Technology Transfer
Major Areas of Expertise
  • Embedded Linux Systems Design
  • Embedded Systems Architecture and Software
  • Wireless & Networking Protocols & Routing
  • Telecommunications & call processing
  • Fault Tolerant Systems Architecture
  • Network Management Systems
  • Linux & Unix Operating Systems
  • Real Time Operating Systems
  • IP & ATM Switching
  • DSL Systems
Professional Background

Mr. Williams specializes in the specification, design and development of embedded computer systems for communications. His experience is focused on wireless and networking equipment, telecommunications systems and the and other Linux based systems. He has also worked on industry benchmarking and certification programs. Mr. Williams has acted in various management and project leadership roles ranging up to Principal Engineer and Director of Software Engineering. He has also presented papers and published articles. He has prepared and presented training programs internationally and chaired international committees. He is also an accomplished software developer, with hands-on code development, working both in team environments and on an out-sourced project basis. He is a named inventor or co-inventor on several patents. Example networking projects include:
  • System architect for embedded Linux triple-play DSL home gateway product based on DaVinci chip (TI)
  • Development of Linux based embedded file server for incorporation in mobile device based on omap chip.
  • System architect for embedded Linux based home ADSL networking gateway product (DirecTV).
  • Development of Smart Grid communications systems for power industry (Siemens Energy & Natis Communications)
  • Development of 2 xDSL modem products (CopperMountain/Onprem and DirecTV/Telocity)
  • Development of five ATM/LAN switch products for NET, Cisco Systems, Ipsilon and Stanford Telecommunications. (ATM switch patent No 5,914,956)
  • Primary systems architect and implementation of WAN fiber control system (Ditech Communications)
  • System architect responsible for the implementation of a T1/T3 multiplexer product
  • Architectural specification and development of wireless LMDS (Local Multipoint Distribution System) networking protocols (LMDS Patent No 5,886,989),

Example wireless projects include:

  • Principal engineer for Wi-Fi Alliance responsible for certification standards and testing programs
  • Standards for converged Wi-Fi/VoIP & cellular (T-Mobile)
  • Specification, Design and Development of Satellite MAC protocols (Space Systems Loral)

Example telecommunications projects include:

  • Specification and development of four network management systems.
  • Development and design of central office switching systems
  • designed computer telephony interface systems
  • Development of a Voice Mail System including interactive voice response software
  • Contributed to architecture for "Fiber in the Loop" system.

Other Operating Systems Linux and UNIX Operating System experience includes both OS internals and applications. UNIX internals includes numerous drivers and adding various networking enhancements to several versions of UNIX, including Linux, BSD, SunOS, Solaris and HP-UX. Other operating system experience includes vxWorks, IOS (Cisco) and custom products

Other assignments include:

  • Preparation of training materials for Sun support personnel
  • Preparation of secure UNIX (SunOS/CMW)
  • Project design reviews and product analysis.
  • Development of pay phone management systems
  • Development of Telex "store and forward" product
  • Voice mail system attached processor development.

Work History

  • Principal Engineer & Consultant 2 yr Telocity - DirecTV
  • Independent Consultant / multiple clients 18 yrs
  • Advant Corp, 1 yr, Director of Software Engineering
  • TRW Vidar, 4 yrs, Manager, Software Engineering
  • Bell Labs, 8 yrs, Assoc, Member of Technical Staff

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