About emLinux

emLinux provides a full range of services from marketing level definition and system architecture through full turnkey development and support.

Example Linux Projects

* Product definition, system architecture, and development lead of a cost sensitive home networking gateway product that includes a SystemOnChip processor, DSL modem, numerous network features such as firewalls, embedded web server and many other features, for server provider use.

* Product definition and implementation of a security key server for use with combo Wi-Fi/cellular phones for cellular industry.

* Specification and design and implementation of satellite MAC protocol. Product definition and architecture specification of complex Linux based laboratory for simulating networking protocols over satellites for satellite manufacturer.

* Product definition, software architecture, and major development lead of WDM fiber optic distributed monitor and control system, employing Linux systems at each fiber node for telecom manufacturer.

* Product definition & software architecture of Smart Grid controller for power industry.

emLinux was established in March of 1999 as an embedded Linux consultancy.

Joel Williams is the principal owner and engineer behind emLinux. His first embedded Linux project started in 1996. As an experienced consultant, he works closely with other companies and with others within the consulting and development communities.

In addition to Linux experience, Mr. Williams has significant experience in Unix and real time operating systems as well as networking protocols and telecommunications.

In the non-development areas, Mr. Williams has served as Principal Engineer for the Wi-Fi Alliance responsible for certification standards and testing programs. He as also acted in various management and project leadership roles ranging up to Director of Software Engineering. He is a named inventor or co-inventor on several patents, provides expert witness and litigation support services, has represented clients to international standards organizations. He is a senior member of IEEE, vice-chairman of the IEEE Consultants Network of Silicon Vally, and past president of the Professional and Technical Consultants Association (PATCA).

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